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My Type Specimen Book for VPA 380 with James Miller (Spring 2013)

Type Specimen Book

Art Events I Attended

Art Event #1 – Helvetica Movie

As a class, we watched the movie Helvetica during one of our first class periods together.  At first I wasn’t sure what the heck Helvetica even meant but I soon realized that it was a font, the most commonly used font in the world I might add. I did not realize that the Helvetica font was so widely used by many companies in the world such as the IRS, EPA, the United States Postal Service, the Government, and many more companies and businesses.  I learned that typeface could be used as a weapon because it creates a reaction from the viewer.  I also learned, from one of the experts in the movie that were interviewed, that the computer doesn’t make your design better, just faster. After seeing how the original font types were created, I grew to have a lot of respect for those people who had to do it all by hand, without the help of a computer. The movie was excellently made and it taught me many things about how fonts are created and used, I really enjoyed it. 

Art Event #2 – G- Eazy Concert

On March 15th, my girlfriend, best friend, and I went to see a new up and coming hip-hop artist named “G-Eazy”. The concert was down at SDSU so the venue wasn’t too big, which was actually really cool because we were a lot closer to him while he was performing than we expected. I believe that G-Eazy is genuinely talented and he will definitely make it big in the next year or two.  His music is different than most hip-hop artists because he loves to take old songs from the past from artists such as the Beach Boys, and remake their songs into beats that he then raps over.  It is really unique and I have never heard anyone else do this before. He also likes to dress a little bit like he is from the past, wearing all black with slicked back hair and all black converse, wearing letterman jackets and using an old Elvis style microphone when he performs.  The only flaw in the concert was that it was a little hard to hear at times because the bass was too strong.  Other than that, I loved it and it was my favorite concert I have ever been to.

Art Event #3/4 – Jewish Food Festival (worth 2 events)

On April 28th, my friend accompanied me to the Jewish Food Festival that was held at Temple Adat Shalom in Poway. The setting of this event was pretty similar to a Lebanese gathering I attended a few years ago, with a lot of different tents set up by vendors trying to sell their products and a big community tent with a stage underneath it. Both the Jewish and Lebanese events had carnival-like rides, which was pretty interesting to me.  The food tents were set up inside the building and the people there were pretty adamant about you having to pay to get in.  So I bought a $15 pass that allowed me in there but it also gave me 15 “nosh points” which allowed me to get different foods they were sampling there. My friend talked his way into not having to pay the $15 because he wasn’t hungry at all and he was just supporting me. The food wasn’t amazingly good to me or anything but it was still good.  Maybe I just tried the wrong food! I had a pastrami sandwich, a potato gnosh or something, a few chocolate macaroons, a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and a water bottle.  The environment was pretty cool and the people there were pretty nice.  It was a good experience.

Art Event #5 – Django Unchained (movie)

On April 29th, my friends and I watched the new movie Django Unchained starring Jamie Foxx. This has got to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  The way the characters are portrayed along with the comical and graphic elements that are displayed throughout the entire movie are just awesome. Quentin Tarantino is known for being very graphic but funny, so this movie maintained that reputation.  The beginning music fit very well with the movie, along with the rest of the music throughout the rest of the movie.  It was interesting that Tarantino added a pretty intense rap song into the movie since it doesn’t fit the time period that this story takes place, but the song added an element to that scene that just makes it really bada**.  I feel this is why he added that song, and it did exactly what it was meant to.  I definitely respect Tarantino as a director but this just makes me want to go back and watch his previous movies I missed, even more.  The movie was pretty long but it was necessary in order to add all the details that made the movie so good.  Leonardo Dicaprio is also a terrific actor in this movie and all the characters in this movie were completely believable.  I admire their work and I will be on the lookout for future pieces from these talented people.

Art Event # 6 – Battle of Diego

On Tuesday, April 30th my sister and I went to the San Marcos Civic Center to watch my old classmates from high school perform their music.  This performance was called the Battle of Diego, which was a showcase of the best rappers and hip-hop artists from the North County area.  It wasn’t a competition, though there was a winner, my friend Jordan, who won quite a big purse of money and also recording time in a nice studio at Atlantic Records in Los Angeles. I knew a lot of people there and it was cool to see my friends rapping and singing to quite a big crowd. There was a host that conducted the show who was a representative from Atlantic Records and he came down from Los Angeles just to put on this show.  My friend Bryson, or “King Bry”, which is his stage name, won the Battle of L.A. a few months ago and it was him who got this show to come to San Marcos.  The show was really inspiring and fun.  I actually recorded a hip-hop song with Bryson 2 years ago so it would be cool if he were to make it big in the hip-hop industry because that would be a really cool story to tell my children someday.  The acoustics in this show were a little rough because the bass was up a little too high and it was hard to hear the words that each rapper was rapping but it was still fun.  I feel a lot of respect for the friends of mine that performed because of how grateful they were to me for showing up to support them.

Art Event #7/8 – Rite-off Centre Performance (worth 2 events)

On Thursday May 2nd, my best friend and I attended the Rite-Off Centre performance in the Arts 111 room.  The $3 we each paid to get in was worth it because the show was pretty entertaining and different.  At first, when the first group of students performed, we were a little worried that we had gotten ourselves into something that we would rather not have, but that was only for a few minutes.  The first group that performed were made up of students who had ever taken a dance class before so it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting at first.  The costumes of those performers were pretty interesting but it felt like they were lacking quite a bit, they were just white shirts with dark pants with a little reflective tape on them.  That only lasted a few minutes and then the advanced class came out to perform the actual piece.  The costumes were a lot better and the dancing from each dancer was a lot better.  There were two guys who were phenomenal dancing with each other and really made the piece believable.  There was a somewhat awkwardly long video portion of feet running through grass that was kind of interesting and I wasn’t exactly sure why that was in there. The costumes that depicted warriors, I believe, were very interesting as well, it was really earthy and the animal masks that they made were really cool too.  The ending part where the girl (who I think is being sacrificed) dances in the dirt and rubs the dirt and water on her body and in her hair was very strong and very well executed.  At first I thought the performance was a play, but it ended up being a pretty good contemporary dance piece.

Art Event #9 – Iron Man 3 (movie)

On May 3rd, my girlfriend and I went and saw the new Iron Man 3 movie starring Robert Downey, Jr.  This movie was actually pretty good, but it is always tough for the sequels of movies to be better than the first.  The only other superhero movie that was able to do that was the Batman franchise because I thought Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker made The Dark Knight so much better than Batman Begins, though they were both great movies.  But after seeing Iron Man 3, my appreciation for the movie industry continues to grow.  Their ability to create scenes that look so real and are so entertaining is amazing to me.  The special effects that are used now are crazy good.  In this movie, I think it would have been cool to have a legitimate comic book character as the enemy to Iron Man instead of just another smart guy who figures out something to enhance the human body.  The effects to show this character were good, but I would’ve liked a different nemesis for Iron Man.  Robert Downey, Jr. was a great actor though, like always, and he brought his normal humor to his character, which is a major part of Tony Stark’s persona in these modern movies.  I will definitely be seeing more of the movies related to Iron Man and also other movies by Robert Downey, Jr. because I have a lot of respect for his work. 

My 2013 Type Specimen Book for VPA 380 – James Miller

Type Specimen Book





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